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    StrikerBeam™ - High-Powered Tactical Flashlight

    “I bought this for my recent Sedona hike. I knew I needed to wake before sunrise to beat the crowds. This flashlight was perfect. I was nervous about buying online since I like to test things in advance, but this purchase paid off. I would recommend this to anyone”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Meryssa Morgan 
    Verified Buyer


    In the vast darkness of the great outdoors, uncertainty prevails without a reliable source of illumination. Struggling to navigate through the shadows, adventurers face the daunting challenge of the unknown, with limited visibility inhibiting their ability to explore and experience their surroundings fully. The absence of a powerful source of light becomes a significant hindrance, leaving feelings of unknowingness and doubt.

    Introducing the StrikerBeam™, a gateway to unparalleled outdoor exploration. Illuminate the path with this super bright LED rechargeable flashlight, designed to brighten up vast landscapes with its ultra-wide beam. With 5 versatile modes, zoom capabilities, and a rugged, waterproof design, the StrikerBeam™ ensures every adventure is conquered with confidence!



    BRIGHT ILLUMINATION: Illuminate the surroundings with confidence using the high-lumen StrikerBeam™. The ultra-wide beam can brighten up extensive areas, providing optimal visibility for outdoor activities like camping, night hiking, fishing, and hunting.

    5 MODES: Experience versatility with 5 front light modes, catering to different scenarios. The zoom feature, transitioning from a wide to a narrow beam, makes the StrikerBeam™ adaptable for various situations, enhancing its utility for emergencies, camping, and inspections. 

    LONG USAGE TIME: Enjoy extended usage time of 12 hours and the convenience of a built-in power bank. The shortened charging time and prolonged lifespan make the StrikerBeam™ an ideal companion, ensuring there is always light in emergencies.

    DURABILITY: Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the StrikerBeam™ is designed for durability. Withstanding 16-foot drops and temporary immersion in water, it is ideal for rough handling in challenging weather conditions.


    We understand how venturing into the great outdoors, shrouded in darkness, intensifies the challenge of exploration. The absence of reliable illumination heightens the risk of accidents and hampers the ability to fully embrace nature's wonders. Studies indicate that 78% of outdoor enthusiasts express frustration over the lack of adequate lighting options, emphasizing the critical need for a reliable solution in the wilderness.

    Thankfully, the StrikerBeam™ - High-Powered Flashlight will transform your outdoor experiences. With its super bright illumination, charging capabilities, and strong build, you'll no longer be confined by the limitations of darkness, unlocking a world of exploration and adventure. Embrace the freedom to navigate confidently, knowing that the StrikerBeam™ is your reliable companion!



    Product Material:  Aluminum Alloy 
    Light source: 1000W
    Charging method: TYPE-C
    Built-in battery: 15000mah



    (1) X Flashlight
    (1) X Type-C Charger


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