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    NanoPrint™ - Mini Thermal Printer


    “We ordered this for my daughter for her 4th birthday in February! It is very easy to use, and has a friendly app with lots of options! She & her 3 big brothers ages 5, 14 &16 had lots of fun using it the very first night she opened it! She loves printing off little pictures & coloring them!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amy
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    Children often have a love for coloring and decorating their books and walls, but the use of printers is restricted as it can be dangerous. Without a tool to effortlessly bring imagination to life, expression becomes confined, leaving young minds, yearning for an outlet. In these moments, the lack of a convenient means to translate ideas into tangible forms stifles the natural flow of inspiration, limiting the avenues of creativity.

    Introducing the NanoPrint™, the key to seamless creativity for young minds. This mini printer effortlessly connects to IOS and Android Devices, enabling easy inkless printing and personalized expression. Whether decorating walls, labeling items, or adding a burst of color to images, NanoPrint™ transforms ordinary moments into vibrant, imaginative experiences, ideal for young children!



    INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: The NanoPrint™ utilizes thermal printing technology. This feature allows for prints to be made without the use of ink, preventing the additional costs of ink and making it convenient for on-the-go printing. 

    PORTABLE CREATIVITY: Effortlessly carry creativity in your pocket with this mini printer, enabling on-the-go printing for crafts, labeling, and more. Its compact design ensures convenience, allowing spontaneous expression anytime, anywhere.

    WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Seamlessly connect to IOS and Android Devices via Bluetooth, ensuring quick and easy printing without the constraints of cables. The NanoPrint™ promotes a hassle-free printing experience, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.

    VERSATILE APPLICATION: From decorating walls to creating personalized labels, the NanoPrint™ is a versatile companion for various creative endeavors. Its wide range of applications fosters imagination, making it an ideal tool for diverse projects.

    ✅ APP INTERFACE: The NanoPrint™ features a one-click process with the dedicated FunPrint App, designed to enhance user experience. The intuitive interface ensures effortless navigation, making printing an enjoyable and straightforward activity. 

    TECHNOLOGY FAMILIARITY: The NanoPrint™ introduces kids to technology through user-friendly printer and app technology. This prepares them for future technological advancements, nurturing a tech-savvy mindset. 


    We understand how the absence of a convenient tool for spontaneous creativity can leave children feeling restrained, especially when seeking ways to express themselves. The limitations of traditional methods hinder the natural flow of inspiration, contributing to a sense of missed opportunities. Studies show that children who are not exposed to creativity can have difficulty with cognitive development. 

    Thankfully, the NanoPrint™ opens a world of possibilities for you and your family. Imagine effortlessly turning ordinary moments into vibrant memories, as creativity flows seamlessly from your imagination to tangible, personalized prints. With NanoPrint™, experience the joy of on-the-go printing, where every craft, label, or wall decoration becomes a canvas for unique expression!



    Weight: 160g
    Charging Interface: Type-C
    Printing Mode: Thermal/Inkless
    Imaging Mode: Black/White
    Connectivity: Bluetooth



    (1) X Charger
    (1) X Printer
    (1) X User Manual
    (1) X Original Printing Roll
    (3) X Self-Adhesive Printing Roll


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