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    GripMagx™ - Magnetic Holder Set

    “Love that it is easy to stick & hold up my remote controls nicely. The only thing, I accidentally installed one wrong, and when I took it off the wall, the paint stripped. Other than that, I love it.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Kat
    Verified Buyer

    As cliche as out of sight, out of mind is, it happens especially when small valuables, such as cars and homes are often misplaced daily such as car and home keys. The problem is that these items could easily be buried underneath a junk drawer which makes it harder to search. Having everyday carry hidden inside organizers can start the day on a stressful and frustrating note

    Introducing, GripMagx™ that reduces forgetfulness by keeping everyday carry within the line of sight, so now even busy bees can easily find what they need without breaking a sweat. Just attach the sticker at the back of the valuables, connect it to the magnetic holder, and enjoy the convenience of organization. The magnetic tiles are small enough to seamlessly blend into the interior yet strong enough to enjoy for a lifetime. 



    Clutter-Free Organization: GripMagx™ helps keep the living space tidy and organized, reducing clutter and making it easier to find anything and everything. Quickly and easily access small valuables.

    Versatile Vertical Storage: Perfect for limited storage spaces, GripMagx™ can easily arrange keys, kitchen utensils, remote, and more along the walls. No more unsightly bulky shelves and drawers with random objects. 

    Easy To Use and Assemble: Installing GripMagx™  doesn't require drilling or screwing. Just mount it to any magnetic surface, such as your fridge or metal cabinets, and start organizing items right away.

    Minimalist Design: Unlike traditional shelves, GripMagx™  is a sleek and stylish solution that blends seamlessly into the living space. This helps detract unnecessarily bulky shelvings from the home's aesthetic appeal.


    We understand that it’s frustrating and stressful to conduct general house cleaning which includes decluttering every nook and corner of the home. So it’s not surprising that midway through the organization, homeowners simply give up and create a junk drawer with even more clutter than they started with. A recent study shows that disorganization, not the lack of space, creates 80% of household clutter

    Thankfully GripMagx™ has an ingenious and innovative design that easily keeps the home, living, and office space into a clutter-free space, perfect for a boost of productivity. Simply organize small items along the vertical wall space for accessibility and efficiency. Finally, keep the ambiance of the space as needed, whether for relation or non-top work, no more having to check drawer after drawer.

    Product Specifications

    Length: 1.18 in
    Width: 1.18 in

    Package Contents

    (4) Magnetic Base
    (4) Magnetic Sheet

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